About coral reef…

At the first glance coral looks more like a limestone concretion or a plant and no, indeed it is an animal whose skeleton is limestone and living in symbiosis with microalgae.

The coral reef is important for us : a natural refuge for many plant and animal species ; a barrier against the waves of the ocean which prevent erosion rating ; also a great attraction for tourism !

The reef has enemies :

- the global warming (higher temperature of the sea),

- the human impact like pollution and physical destructions (trampling, anchors,…),

- the diseases (coral bleaching) and some predators of the sea.  

Your own role ?

Everyone has and will always have an essential role to play in the prevention of our reef. It's to simply by following a few basic, for example by avoiding stressing corals (anchors, trampling, fins, swirls caused by speed boats, discharge of pollutants , etc.). 

Team of MOI (Mauritius Oceanography Institute) thank you in advance for your efforts, and will not fail to associate you as actors safeguarding our heritage and future.